👋 I’m Marcelo Paiva.

A design leader, product designer, web developer, team builder and community volunteer.

I help design teams grow without leaving developers or product managers behind.

Advocating for accessibility has been my focus, but inclusive design is my beacon to create solutions for all.

Be human, be inclusive.

Top of Mind

Migrating to Figma, without the drama.

The increasing demand for design teams to become more efficient presents challenges that have been in question since the early days of digital product design. When Dropbox introduce...

Interview with your future self

How does our own bias get  in the middle of our design decisions? We are driven by how we are brought up, the way we think, our past and current relationships, our circle of friends...

Learning to recognize exclusion

by Lesley-Ann Noel, Marcelo Paiva Who do we exclude unintentionally or intentionally in the work that we do as designers and researchers? To be good at what we do as UX practitio...